Gongol.com Archives: September 2010
Brian Gongol

September 7, 2010

News Hizzoner the Mayor finally decides he's ruled Chicago for long enough
Richard Daley says he's not running for re-election as mayor of Chicago next year. That would mean it's the end of his more-than-two-decade time running the Windy City.

Business and Finance New suitor says it wants to buy out Casey's
The convenience store chain has been fighting hard to stay out of the hands of Couche-Tard, but the company says it's actually talking to a company offering just 4% more than Couche-Tard.

Socialism Doesn't Work Old-school socialist-flavored unionism is still around
A photo from the BBC (the last in a slideshow about a strike against the London Underground) includes the flags of Cuba and the PLO, and a fist smashing a swastika. How odd. They're fighting the battles of the last century, it would seem.

News Putin could be running Russia until 2024
It's looking like they're setting him up to run for the Russian presidency again in 2012, which would give him the chance to have two more consecutive six-year terms in office

Humor and Good News Don't anger the panda
(Video) He's an animal with a serious anger-management problem that he takes out on computers and anything else in sight. Also not to be trusted: White guys with soul patches. Grow a beard or don't, but don't go with an upside-down Charlie Chaplin mustache.

Water News Wildfires burn homes near Boulder

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