Gongol.com Archives: September 2010
Brian Gongol

September 10, 2010

Health Maybe we really can regenerate organs
A woman appears to have regenerated most of the last segment of her pinky finger after it was severed in an accident

News What life is like for the trapped Chilean miners
Routine tasks are being used to help them maintain a semblance of the ordinary and maintain their mental health

Science and Technology Robots that think like babies

Humor and Good News Voice mail from World War II
An American GI recorded a message to his young bride using an old phonograph, but it got lost in the mail -- and only found its way back to him more than half a century later

Aviation News With Daley leaving, will Chicago get Meigs Field back?

Agriculture Tighter-than-expected corn supplies mean higher prices

News Chicago's John Hancock Building to get a 94th-floor ice-skating ring
It'll be a temporary installation from January through March of next year, and it's only a tiny layer of synthetic ice, but it's going to be skatable

Business and Finance Privatizing the British Royal Mail

Water News High nitrates in Dixon water