Gongol.com Archives: September 2010
Brian Gongol

September 14, 2010

Business and Finance Warren Buffett doesn't foresee a double-dip recession
He thinks pessimism about the economy is more a media-generated story than a reflection of reality

News US Department of Defense warns UK it needs to avoid cutting defense budget
The UK is facing a huge budget problem with massive spending cuts, pretty much across the board. Except that cutting the Ministry of Defense would likely cause it to fall out of line with NATO requirements, and there are only so many remaining powerful defense forces in the world, of which the US and the UK are two.

Socialism Doesn't Work How efficient are tax subsidies for expanding employment?
Private businesses are looking for lots of state and local financing for their expansions. Is it really efficient?

Broadcasting Man hears his own voice from World War II

Aviation News Would cheap airline tickets be worth sitting in a saddle for three hours?
Just wait until a hard landing

Agriculture Genetic modifications show up in wild canola

Humor and Good News When anonymous hate mail gets its due
An amusingly persistent response to some unpleasant online comments

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