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Brian Gongol

September 17, 2010

Business and Finance Democratic capitalism
A shareholder-advisory firm recommends that shareholders try to kick out two members of the Casey's corporate board, but try to keep the others in. What's remarkable about the recommendation is that they made any serious recommendation at all in favor of shareholders taking action. Shareholders -- especially the institutional ones -- have been so completely lackadaisical about booting board members from office that they've become like the Soviet Politburo: Nobody ever gets tossed out by the people, even when they're grossly incompetent. And given the number of firms that have been in dire distress over the last two or three years especially, there ought to have been hundreds of boards wiped clean of their incumbents. It shouldn't take a debate over a hostile takeover proposal (as is happening with Casey's) to instigate shareholder revolt.

Science and Technology Automotive X-Prize won
Internal combustion engine in an ultralight vehicle frame hits 100 mpg

Business and Finance Americans are pulling tens of billions of dollars out of stocks
And they're stuffing the money into bond funds. Not a surprise, given the Baby Boomers' proximity to retirement (and the perception that bonds are a safer investment for retirees than stocks), but also a point of great opportunity for stock investors.

Threats and Hazards Terror-attack risk is rising, say the British
Inmates are leaving prison after becoming radicalized while in the big house

Threats and Hazards Crooks are targeting military families
Particularly using online scams. Revolting.

Broadcasting The problem with making the public pay for broadcasting
Harry Shearer is mad that he's being kept away from some NPR shows because he's been picked in a "dibs" contest by others. And because he has a political message, he doesn't have a lot of alternative routes to get them to repeat his claims.

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