Gongol.com Archives: September 2010
Brian Gongol

September 29, 2010

Threats and Hazards Criticism of the Iranian government will cost one man 19 years of his life
He's being sent to prison for two decades for "spreading propaganda against the establishment". It's probably a little too easy to take for granted the First Amendment right to petition our grievances.

Health 15% of American adults don't wash their hands when leaving a public restroom
That broader figure masks the fact that almost all women wash up, and only 77% of men do so. What is it about those 23% who make up the unwashed that makes them think it's OK to skip 20 seconds using some soap and water? It's a personal-health thing, and a public-health thing. Both are profoundly important, and at what a tiny cost.

Weather and Disasters IRS won't be sending out tax forms anymore
They're trying to save money on printing. For real.

The American Way Coca-Cola donates $250,000 to create more first-generation American Indian college graduates
The persistence of poverty among American Indians is a national disgrace; making it easier for some to go to college is a good way to incentivize those who are willing to show some of their own initiative to create wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities.

News China claims it's launching a lunar probe this week
The official public-affairs outfit of the Chinese army is promoting the news

Aviation News Hero British Airways pilot will return to the cockpit at BA
Peter Burkill managed to crash-land a Boeing 777 that lost its engines to a malfunction in the fuel line, and everyone survived. He ended up leaving the airline over some disputes related to the event, but now it looks like he's back.

Humor and Good News Talk about a turnaround
Mike Quade has taken a Cubs baseball team with a lousy season and turned it into a team that wins almost two-thirds of the time. It's going to be hard for management not to hire him to do the same thing next year.

Water News No more "Septic Tanks of the Rich and Famous"

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