Gongol.com Archives: October 2010
Brian Gongol

October 6, 2010

Science and Technology Why popular science journalism generally doesn't do much good
It's often too formulaic, and rarely strays from "Wow! This is new!" and into "Here's where this fits a context"

Socialism Doesn't Work A look at North Korea from a Chinese border city
The massive economic and social success of South Korea is all the evidence that anyone should need to condemn the way the government of North Korea oppresses its people. There's no reason for 24 million people to suffer in poverty when their (literal) cousins just across the border are industrious and prosperous. Even without explicit human-rights violations, North Korea's economic system is a crime against humanity.

Business and Finance Economic conditions are hurting municipal finances
It's unfortunate, but lots of communities are struggling to pay their basic bills due to declining tax revenues. Perhaps it's time to re-think just how much we need to set aside for our true basic services.

Water News Vortexing: It's not just for weather geeks anymore

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