Gongol.com Archives: October 2010
Brian Gongol

October 8, 2010

Business and Finance Website makes a bid for Newsweek
The website, the Daily Beast, is a sort of quirky pop-culture news source for the Internet age, and buying Newsweek would probably lend it a degree of credibility that a name like "Beast" doesn't. But it's telling that Newsweek is in such distress that it's being auctioned off so unceremoniously.

Computers and the Internet Bringing public-health techniques to computer security
Computer viruses, true to their names, spread a lot like biological viruses. A Microsoft vice president has issued a declaration of sorts that computers infected with viruses ought to be treated rather like sick people, and quarantined and otherwise treated just like people with infectious diseases might be. It's the kind of argument that's probably the right course of action, but it's so easily spun as a nefarious-sounding plot that it probably won't gain the traction it needs -- if the popular commentators catch wind of it. But people have a responsibility to use their Internet access safely. Google offers a decent checklist for e-mail security that offers a good starting point for this kind of responsible computing.

Business and Finance Two hours of Q&A with Charlie Munger
(Video) He's no doubt a curmudgeon, but he's a curmudgeon worth listening to

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