Gongol.com Archives: October 2010
Brian Gongol

October 14, 2010

News Former senior officials in China's Communist Party say it's time for free speech
There's really only just so long that speech can be repressed in the age of the Internet. And it's definitely not forever.

Iowa Cop shoots at KCCI-TV camera operator
People inside the studios heard what sounded like gunshots -- but they were just rocks being thrown through windows. But when police showed up and the cameraman tried to point them to the intruder, one of the officers got a little trigger-happy and opened fire.

Weather and Disasters Floods set back progress in Pakistan by years
These are the kinds of events that make people's whining about a recession so tiresome. A recession is unpleasant, and no doubt causes some degree of human suffering. But when a recession is over, bridges and buildings are still standing, and even an awful recession only puts an economy back by one or two years, compared to normal growth. But economic cycles are inevitable, and thus so are occasional downturns. We know this, so we can't be excused for not preparing for those cycles. Massive, calamitous natural disasters like the flooding in Pakistan, on the other hand, can truly set things back by many years.

Science and Technology Mice may be able to regenerate cells just like salamanders and newts
And if they can do it, most likely so can we

Science and Technology There is no convincing evidence that cell phones can cause brain cancer
Really large studies are showing no apparent signs of risk for most cell-phone users

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