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Brian Gongol

October 15, 2010

Humor and Good News If you liked "Arrested Development"...
...then you might be obligated to watch "Running Wilde". It isn't quite as good as "Arrested Development", but that show set an impossible bar, and "Running Wilde" does at least contain Will Arnett in a starring role, David Cross as a supporting actor, and Mitchell Hurwitz as a director/producer. It gets better with each episode, so start from #1; don't go backwards. And Keri Russell is quite pleasant to look at, too. For other videographic hilarity, see the animated Taiwanese coverage of the Brett Favre controversy.

Humor and Good News A first-person view of parachuting onto a football field
(Video) Really quite impressive

News Cynicism without real criticism is a recipe for bad politics
A columnist remarking on the recent Australian federal elections makes the excellent point that just because we're bombarded all the time with what's branded as political "news" doesn't mean that we're actually aware of the policies being debated, nor that we're really becoming better critics of those policies. We're just becoming cynical.

Computers and the Internet It's not clear why the UAE reversed its plan to ban the BlackBerry, but it's a good thing they did

Science and Technology Triceratops and torosaurus: Not different species, just different ages
But who doesn't have a softer spot in the heart for triceratops than for the mostly-unknown torosaurus? Let's stick with triceratops as the species name, OK?

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