Gongol.com Archives: October 2010
Brian Gongol

October 27, 2010

Science and Technology First photograph of a human being may have been found
The picture is from 1838, and the subject is only incidental to the picture, but it could be the earliest photographic record of human life. It also turns out that early methods of photography recorded at a sufficient resolution that lots of surprising things can be seen by zooming in using modern methods.

Weather and Disasters Lowest non-hurricane atmospheric pressure record set
A huge windstorm sweeping the lower 48 states was caused by the passage of a record-setting low-pressure system that cruised through Minnesota

The United States of America Using the barbershop to improve public health
By studying people's habits and patterns, public-health officials have figured out that a lot of black men in America aren't getting the kind of health screenings that they need -- but by working with barber shops, they can improve the reach of efforts designed to improve mortality rates and improve people's quality and quantity of life.

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