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Brian Gongol

October 28, 2010

Science and Technology Necessity is the mother of the invention of the flying car
A missionary to Latin America has built (and gotten FAA certification for) a flying car, which he says is needed for those places with roads that aren't connected to the rest of the world. It's a powered parachute, rather than a winged vehicle, but if it does the trick, it doesn't have to look like a Jetsons hovercraft.

News Mikhail Gorbachev isn't a fan of Vladimir Putin
Russia's experiment in democracy is a truly fascinating thing to see happening before our very eyes. It's one of the landmark ongoing events in history. Is Gorbachev the "father" of Russian democracy? Perhaps not quite in the exact sense of the "Founding Fathers" in the United States, but there's probably no other Russian more worthy of the title. So his disappointment with the path of Russia's politics today should carry some weight with insidea and outside observers.

News Palestinian Authority plans to declare independence in August 2011
Regardless of the Palestinians' nation-state status, peace will not endure there until economic growth brings them a lot closer to the material well-being of their neighbors in Israel, and that's only going to happen if the rule of law can be established and entrenched in support of a market economy. In other words, the world will need to start buying goods marked "Made in Palestine" in order for peace to come to the Middle East. It may not be a sufficient condition in and of itself, but it's definitely necessary.

Iowa Why Iowans ought to have earthquake insurance

Humor and Good News You think you know Elmo?
(Video) In his regular voice, the puppeteer behind Elmo (from "Sesame Street") doesn't sound one tiny bit like he can hit a falsetto giggle

Humor and Good News Was all that worth it? Totally.
(Video) Eric Cartman goes wild at Casa Bonita for one of the funniest "South Park" scenes ever

Water News Water quality is Iowans' most serious concern about agriculture

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