Gongol.com Archives: October 2010
Brian Gongol

October 30, 2010

Health Massive door-to-door vaccination drive to end polio in Africa
300,000 people will try to vaccinate 72 million children in 15 countries across Africa in an effort to eradicate polio. That's like vaccinating more than the entire population of France, or twice the population of California.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft will try to re-enter the smartphone market with Windows Phone 7
At least one reviewer thinks it's enough of a leap forward to put the phone in competition with the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. Great news for consumers.

Computers and the Internet Twitter rules are "making Facebook seem like an open alternative"
The company behind the microblogging service is trying to put its foot down now in order to keep their trademark from going the way of Kleenex. But whether or not they succeed, the service is bound to be overtaken by nimbler competitors within 18 months. Not a lot of new people are discovering Twitter at this stage. Most people have likely heard of it by now and decided whether or not to use it. Thus the service is likely at the peak of its profitability, since from this point forward, it's going to be sharing the microblogging market with competitors offering better alternatives. There's nothing particularly unique about the structure of Twitter's service that grants it any real monopoly power, and that's where profits come from over the long term.

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