Gongol.com Archives: November 2010
Brian Gongol

November 8, 2010

Health Massive new discovery: Antibodies may actually kill some viruses from the inside
Rather than just preventing the spread of new infection, it turns out that antibodies may actually have virus-killing properties we previously didn't know about. And if that's true, we may be able to develop anti-virus drugs just like the antibacterial drugs that have revolutionized medicine and vastly increased human life expectancies over the last 100 years. If the findings are correct and can be put into useful application, this is huge news.

Business and Finance Is Wal-Mart a better regulator than the government?
The company, which sells a whole lot of groceries, is taking steps to change and manage some of the things its suppliers do with food. In the process, it could turn out to be far more influential than government regulators.

Aviation News Qantas says Airbus superjumbos have engine problems
One flight had to make an emergency landing, and three other engines appear to have anomalies. Nobody's been injured, but the planes are so large that if anything goes wrong, they don't have a huge number of options.

Business and Finance Federal Reserve plans to put $600 billion in new stimulus-like money into the US economy; the rest of the G20 might not be pleased
Basically, the Fed sees the US money supply and thinks there just needs to be more cash circulating around. The rest of the rich world, though, probably doesn't want the US dollar to get diluted more, which makes Americans less interested in buying products from abroad.

Humor and Good News History revised via Facebook status update

Water News Some great (and some dubious) moments in water history

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