Gongol.com Archives: November 2010
Brian Gongol

November 9, 2010

Computers and the Internet Facebook wants your Google data; Google says Facebook doesn't share well
That the companies are going to battle over the ease of exchanging the same user's data from one platform to another should be a sign of just how valuable that data is, particularly since any fight between the two companies is inevitably a public one

Humor and Good News "Thriller" Halloween light show
(Video) Apparently, household light shows aren't just for Christmas anymore. This one includes four animated Jack-O'Lanterns strobe lights, and a claimed 140 channels of controls. Hilariously awesome, as long as it doesn't belong to your neighbors across the street. On a related note, there's no shortage of Halloween costume cliches that return every year, regardless of the lights.

Broadcasting British satellite TV channel under investigation for carrying shows that advocate marital rape
The British government has a more activist media-content-enforcement presence than America's FCC, and it's investigating a satellite station called the Islam Channel for broadcasting shows that violate national content guidelines. On one hand, there's no doubt that something must be said in a civilized society to criticize those who advocate heinous practices like marital rape. But it's getting harder every day to do anything to control the kind of content that appears on television. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and every other online video service in a sense make content entirely unmanageable.

Water News Cedar Falls will sue the EPA over water regulations