Gongol.com Archives: November 2010
Brian Gongol

November 11, 2010

Broadcasting Job titles should mean something
The emergence of sites like LinkedIn, which make it possible for people to share their resumes with the entire universe, has also started an epidemic of idiotic title inflation. The inverse relationship between the inflation of a job title and the actual knowledge of the person doing the inflation should be obvious to everybody. A few "job titles" recently noted on LinkedIn include "brand warrior", "chief accomplishment officer", and the unbelievably wordy "insurgent who dares to believe that organizations are defined by relationships between people". Compare that to a title like "Charlie Munger, Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway". It's not the title that counts; it's the record of productivity. People who spend their time inflating their titles rather than just doing something useful ought to be avoided, at least in business. Though they might be fun to invite to cocktail parties, if only to amuse the people who know better.

Iowa Southwest Iowa robbers are easily defeated
A guy tried to rob a Casey's after ordering a pizza. He was tossed out of the store without incident. Then he went to a pizza place five miles away and ordered the same thing. Police apprehended him without incident. The news coverage says it was the first attempted robbery in the entire county this year. Take that, Washington, DC.

The United States of America Who's on the money
A short explanation (intended for foreigners) of who appears on American cash. We see our own money so often that it's easy to overlook the fact that people like Ulysses S Grant and Alexander Hamilton aren't necessarily household names around the world.

Humor and Good News Craig Ferguson's "Late Late Show" puppets are available for sale
Ferguson's puppet sketches are some of the silliest, funniest scenes on television today