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Brian Gongol

November 24, 2010

Business and Finance Ireland's bailout: Does it mean democracy is on hold?
The country is in such fiscal trouble that it's going under IMF protection for a while. It's undoubtedly a serious psychological blow to a nation that has had less than 100 years as a free republic. The United States ought to take note.

Computers and the Internet Web Ghosts: The sites everyone used to visit but doesn't anymore
MySpace has been having trouble lately, but it's not the first one-hit-wonder of the Internet era. And it's definitely not going to be the last. We're looking at you, Facebook. And Twitter.

Humor and Good News A special, loving message from the TSA
(Video) The area previously known as the "bathing suit area" ought to be known henceforth as the "TSA area"

Humor and Good News A flamingo made of flamingoes
Sometimes nature has a pretty funny way of unfolding naturally. And speaking of how things unfold, The Onion has composed a very amusing alternative genesis of the Stars and Stripes.

Iowa Some idiot thought a high-speed chase on I-80 was a good idea
(Video) Not a bright idea

The United States of America Ways to celebrate Native American history month

Broadcasting Podcast: Do our smartphones make us too impatient?
Other podcasts from the show on November 14th include "Why does my radio studio smell like bacon?", "Really measuring quality of life", and "Cell phone contracts: Who needs 'em?". Tune in for the live show Sunday nights at 9:00 on WHO Radio.

Water News About a third of water systems are running deficits

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