Gongol.com Archives: November 2010
Brian Gongol

November 26, 2010

Science and Technology Electric utilities could make good money off electric cars
Some all-electric models go on sale next month, and utilities could make a lot of money selling the power, but they also might need to increase their production capacity to handle the increasing demand.

Computers and the Internet Anti-privacy vandals attack homes of people who don't want to be on Google Street View
People in Germany are able to have their homes blurred out on Google Street View as a privacy measure. Apparently, some vandals think that shouldn't be their right and are taking vigilante action against them.

Computers and the Internet Then and now
15 years ago: Rental VHS tapes. Now: Streaming movies on demand to a wireless home network, into a game console and onto the television. Don't even try to consider what 2025 will look like unless you're ready to start really expanding some horizons.

The American Way What government should do to influence employment
The Saudi Arabian government is trying to encourage businesses there to employ more locals, rather than foreign workers. But at what stage is government policy like that counterproductive? An interesting editorial makes a fine comment, applicable practically everywhere: "The business of government, any government is to create the circumstances in which the economy can grow and expand, with the inevitable increase in employment opportunities".

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