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Brian Gongol

December 9, 2010

Business and Finance Has Google gone just a little daffy?
Who in the world thought that an offering price of $5 billion for an Internet startup company was something we'd see again this long after the bursting of the dot-com bubble? And to have Google take the role of the suitor, no less? They're drunk with cash, it seems, because no Internet startup could reasonably be worth $5 billion when there are so many other smarter things for Google to invest in.

Business and Finance While America travels big, China's going the suave diplomatic route
China's government is doing a lot of quiet work to develop a lot of partnerships -- particularly economic ones -- that are going to have a lot of influence over the next 25 to 50 years. The intrigue grows when one sees how China's government willfully flaunts its disregard for intellectual property rights and steals whatever ideas it wants from its economic "partners".

Computers and the Internet FBI used Facebook to hunt down man with terrorist intent
After he used his Facebook status to endorse the use of violence, the FBI used the same service to "reach out" to him to offer to "help" with an attack. He bit, and they busted him.

News Final tenant moves out of Cabrini-Green
The notorious public-housing complex is being torn down and replaced with lower-density housing, which most likely will put a damper on the kinds of violence and trouble for which the projects were known. When too many people live too closely together, it's difficult for them to see one another as human beings rather than as objects, and that dehumanizing effect can have terrible consequences.

Humor and Good News Everything you needed to know about Hannukah but were afraid to ask
A surprisingly effective comedic view of the holiday

Broadcasting Howard Cosell was the person to announce to the world that John Lennon was dead
(Video) It doesn't seem to carry the same weight as that of Walter Cronkite bearing the news of the death of John F. Kennedy.

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