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Brian Gongol

December 25, 2010

Computers and the Internet Should you friend your parents on Facebook?
Flowcharts may or may not provide the answer, but it should be noted that the question reveals the likelihood that Facebook has already "peaked" in popularity. Young people try to do things that are outside the mainstream, and Facebook is now very much mainstream. But the concept of social networking is here to stay: Like television, the concept will remain, even if the precise tools used to get there change. Facebook will be eclipsed by some other social-networking website, just like MySpace was eclipsed by Facebook. But the concept remains, so people have to understand the concept in order to respond flexibly to changes in the actual technology.

Business and Finance Are index funds going to become nearly impossible to outperform?
Statistically speaking, some investors will always outperform the stock-market indices, but on average, performance will average the same as the market average, minus the costs of what the brokers charge.

Computers and the Internet Even a taunting photo on Facebook isn't enough to catch a DC burglar
A burglar left a photo of himself on the Facebook profile of a person he burglarized, and the DC police don't seem to have figured out how to use that picture to positively identify the burglar -- even though it's a clear full-frontal head shot and the victim has reported the story quite clearly on the Washington Post.

Business and Finance Should non-speeding drivers be caught on camera and entered in a lottery for cash?
It's an interesting idea for using incentives

Science and Technology Using ants to solve computing problems

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