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Brian Gongol

December 27, 2010

News How to calculate the size of an effective nuclear arsenal
The British thought they needed at least enough of their own to kill 10 million Russians just to keep the USSR from bothering Western Europe. That's in addition to the massive arsenal its NATO ally the United States already had available.

The United States of America Iowa will drop to four House seats in 2012
That's down from 11 in 1920

Computers and the Internet Fake disk-cleanup programs are infecting the Internet
Over time, computers slow down -- that's because they tend to accumulate new programs that take up disk space and CPU time. There are lots of things people can do to prevent the buildup and speed up a slow computer, but downloading software that promises to fix the problem is the wrong thing to do.

The United States of America "Birther" movement, please go away
The movement to have Barack Obama removed from office under the argument that he wasn't born in the United States has really quite outlived any credibility, and now the new governor of Hawaii is promising to do what he can to make them go away. That won't actually work; they'll just develop a persecution complex which will only confirm in their own minds that they're victims of a conspiracy.

Broadcasting Notes from the "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio - December 26, 2010
Including thoughts on whether technology is making us just plain lazy

Broadcasting Podcasts from the Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - December 26, 2010
Four segments in MP3, in all: "Should non-speeders win cash prizes?", "Digital technology is making us lazy when it should be making us better", "When is it appropriate to friend one's parents on Facebook?", and "Christmas presents for everyone".

Water News Ice jams cause flooding near Grand Island, Nebraska

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