Gongol.com Archives: January 2011
Brian Gongol

January 4, 2011

Health Remember swine flu? It's still around.
It's just not as widespread as last year, probably because so many people caught it and developed immunity.

Socialism Doesn't Work Banning the Happy Meal until it becomes the Healthy Meal
(Video) Hilarious assessment of plans in San Francisco to prohibit the sale of Happy Meals until they get healthier. The completely perverted logic espoused by the people behind the regulation is self-evident in the satirical report. Attention elected officials everywhere: You cannot baby the public into well-being.

Agriculture Better marketing for the sweet potato
The sweet potato has a bad reputation in Africa, where it could be precisely the thing that people should be eating to combat low levels of Vitamin A. Time to call upon marketing. (Or, if the San Francisco authorities are correct, maybe they should just hand out toys along with the sweet potatoes.)

News Possibly the strangest casualty of the Cold War
A Belgian teenager was killed in 1989 after a Russian airplane on autopilot flew way out of its assigned territory and into Western Europe before crashing into his house.

News Possibly the creepiest real photo in history
A Filipino politician appears to have inadvertently taken a photo of his assassin at the moment the gunshot was fired

Water News When steel prices rise soon, blame flooding in Australia

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