Gongol.com Archives: January 2011
Brian Gongol

January 14, 2011

Science and Technology Technology adoption and prices
Fax machines, corded phones, and even cordless phones are on their way out. Regular cellphones peaked about four years ago, and they're just barely out-selling smartphones -- for about another month or so.

Computers and the Internet Global spam volumes bounce back as the holidays end
Which in part suggests that the drop in spam volume noted recently was in part due to the fact that people simply turn off their computers over the holidays. It also suggests that we all have a vested interest in herd immunity with our computers.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft says its January security update is really important
They claim to be patching an exploit that could work against any Windows-based computer visiting an infected website

Science and Technology Verizon gets the iPhone starting February 10th
Really bad news for non-iPhone users on the Verizon network, since it means there will likely be a surge in data traffic -- especially as people who are tired of the AT&T network make the jump on short notice. In the UK, T-Mobile is slashing data-download limits to keep users from using their phones as, say, smartphones are supposed to be used.

Agriculture Living in a food desert
Slate claims that 2.3 million Americans have no car and live more than a mile from a supermarket, and calls those people residents of "food deserts". If that means they have to walk to get their food, and thus don't get a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, then that's probably a sign they really do live in the equivalent of a dietary desert.

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