Gongol.com Archives: January 2011
Brian Gongol

January 31, 2011

Humor and Good News "Young Me/Now Me"
A brilliant project by ZeFrank.com, in which people submitted pictures of themselves when young...and today. Most chose to mimic the pose of their previous photo, and it's really just delightful. Simple and addictive all at once -- especially the group photos.

Computers and the Internet An SAT question for 2011: Is Apple without Steve Jobs like Microsoft without Bill Gates?
Jobs is on medical leave from Apple, but Gates is on permanent leave from Microsoft. He's busy using his epic fortune to do things like eradicate polio from the planet. The author of a ComputerWorld article suggests that Microsoft has lost its focus with Gates no longer at the helm, but it's hard not to think that Apple is even more dependent upon its founder than Microsoft is, and that Jobs's time away from Apple could threaten it enormously over time.

Computers and the Internet Ten tablet computers coming in 2011
When competition pushes the price of a tablet below $150, that will be the real breakthrough moment. For now, the price point is generally in the $400+ range, but that makes them a purchase people have to think about. Drop them to $150 apiece, and then a set of tablets for a family of four costs less than a brand-new big-screen television. That would open up a huge new market for the tablet, which right now is the province of the technological enthusiast rather than the ordinary user. They'll get to that point, but the price level must fall.

Humor and Good News Two hilarious people having a chat
(Video) Betty White and Craig Ferguson -- a recipe for great television. They'd be even better on "Frank's 2000-Inch TV".

Humor and Good News The Weird Al tapes
(Video) Not as revealing as the Nixon Tapes, but these bizarre messages left by Al Yankovic on his drummer's answering machine a quarter-century ago are a funny relic of the time when answering machines were brand-new and nobody had a smartphone.

Business and Finance Anti-product placement
Rumor has it people are sending anti-celebrities (like Snooki) their competitors' goods, hoping to inspire a negative association in the minds of a public that loves to hate its most vapid celebrities.