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Brian Gongol

February 15, 2011

The United States of America President proposes $1.1 trillion in budget cuts -- over the next ten years
There's really no way to effectively plug America's budget leak without (a) resolving the massive military commitment we've made overseas, specifically in Iraq and Afghanistan, and (b) dealing with entitlement spending.

Business and Finance Expect price hikes soon for food, clothes, and things that use a lot of metal
2011 could be a big year for price increases -- some of them surprising, others quite predictable

Threats and Hazards Government shall not deny the right of the people peaceably to assemble
Conservative politicians in Iran want opposition leaders to be tried for sedition (and possibly put to death) for organizing anti-government demonstrations there this week

Computers and the Internet Why Google needs to heed the Microsoft/Nokia partnership
(Video) The big deal isn't that the two are pairing up -- it's that they're both in such a weak position in the smartphone market that they think they have to do so. Both have had comparative advantages in related markets within the last ten years that looked impossible to overcome. Google is no safer. There's a reason people take seriously rumors of a Google takeover of Twitter: Whether it's conscious or not, people know somewhere deep in their skulls that the new tech boom is exactly that -- a boom -- and it's not permanently sustainable. The technology itself will endure, but there are just too many opportunities to make the wrong decisions for the businesses themselves to stay strong forever. This isn't to say that Google will go away in the next decade -- far from it. But it does suggest that it would be next to impossible for Google to remain the world's unrivalled leader in search technology, for instance, over that same time. The evidence that gaming Google's technology has become a lucrative business is so great that finding the next great alternative is clearly a honeypot too attractive for everyone to ignore.

Humor and Good News You know the recession must be over when really stupid ideas get traction again
People hunker down and get serious when times are tough. When things turn around, they get a little goofy again. Like the people who want to build a statue in honor of RoboCop in Detroit.

News Is it journalism or just crude propaganda?
It's nice to find a sharp wit like Charlie Brooker taking on the scourge of bad journalism

Computers and the Internet Google's "crisis response" website

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