Gongol.com Archives: February 2011
Brian Gongol

February 19, 2011

Business and Finance Now that the unions are major owners in GM and Chrysler, contract negotiations are even trickier than before
Ultimately, no business can survive if the relationship between labor and management (and ownership) is purely adversarial -- that's what got the automakers into trouble in the first place. If the parties had long ago seen that they couldn't just snipe at one another but had a vested interest in long-term planning for the health of the companies, things might not have resulted in two of the Big Three going under.

Aviation News The Airbus A380 engine failure was even uglier than it looked before
The report on the Qantas flight that had a catastrophic engine failure over Singapore certainly makes things look uglier than the first reports made it sound. The pilots sure appear to have had a massive challenge to wrestle.

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