Gongol.com Archives: March 2011
Brian Gongol

March 8, 2011

Humor and Good News The uncanny similarities between the Qaddafis and the Bluths
Fans of "Arrested Development" might be forgiven for having a little deja vu

Iowa UNI men's basketball coach offers to buy tickets for every student to attend tournament games
Classy -- and not a half-bad way to ensure that people have a little loyalty to you

Computers and the Internet When it's just too hard to ask out a girl in person...
...don't set up a prostitution request on Craigslist. That'll haunt you much longer than any errant Facebook "poke".

Broadcasting Podcasts from the latest "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio
Including these conversations in .mp3 format: Tough times in Webster City, the future of cell-phone towers, the new tech bubble, and the incomprehensibly big Federal debt.

Broadcasting Podcasts from the latest "WHO Radio Wise Guys"
All are free downloads in .mp3 format: advice for buying a tablet computer, how to safely backup your computer, Google Maps places an Interstate highway where it doesn't belong, and Charlie Sheen goes bonkers on Twitter.

Water News EPA proposes expanded list of contaminants for water utilities to watch

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