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Brian Gongol

March 11, 2011

Weather and Disasters Truly unbelievable helicopter footage of the tsunami in Japan
The remarkable thing we're seeing with this earthquake -- beyond its mind-shattering magnitude and transcontinental impact -- is that it's happening in a fully "wired" nation, so virtually instantly we're able to see exactly what happened as it was experienced by the people there. The reach of the event doesn't just include the huge portion of the Pacific Basin directly affected by the waves, but the rest of the world that's been enabled to watch the event on a global scale, in real time.

Agriculture There isn't a lot of unused cropland yet where we can grow more corn
So that means we're going to have to keep growing more on existing acres, if we are to continue using corn as both a major food source and a fuel source

Iowa Cedar Rapids, city-become-hotelier
The City of Cedar Rapids is now in the hotel business, after purchasing the Five Seasons Hotel downtown for $3.2 million, with expectations of another $25 million in renovations ahead. One must have sympathy for the city and its leadership, all of whom have trying to recover from a natural disaster of epic proportions, but taking on ownership of a hotel that will require that much money to put into effective service is a rather significant risk to take with the taxpayers' money.

Humor and Good News Charles Schulz's letterhead, circa 1958
Lucy's caption at the bottom really takes the cake. Less subtle, but just as funny, is Harpo Marx's personal letterhead.

Water News A vivid look at the tsunami waves from today's earthquake in Japan

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