Gongol.com Archives: March 2011
Brian Gongol

March 14, 2011

Weather and Disasters Before-and-after photos of the tsunami destruction in Japan

Business and Finance "Secret fears of the super-rich"
A researcher says, "One of the saddest phrases" spoken to those who inherit wealth is "You're never going to have to work"

Humor and Good News Street-brochure hilarity
The best is the last in the list, with Lionel Richie

Weather and Disasters A history of F5-scale tornadoes in Iowa
A list since 1871

Broadcasting Podcasts from the "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio - March 13, 2011
Files are in .MP3 format: short ties and bad fashion sense, building codes only matter if you can pay for them, why Congress shouldn't bother with an antitrust investigation of Google, and getting one's annual Baconator.

Broadcasting Podcasts from the "WHO Radio Wise Guys" - March 12, 2011
Files are in .MP3 format: how to protect yourself (digitally) against disaster, the shocking destruction in Japan, four things never to post in a Facebook status update, and why you shouldn't express hate online.

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