Gongol.com Archives: April 2011
Brian Gongol

April 8, 2011

Business and Finance Justice Department approves deal for Google to buy ITA
It's not a small purchase -- $700 million. And it's for a company that provides tracking of airfares, so the government has ordered them to keep supplying data to other sites, like Orbitz and Kayak. Google has to make a whole lot of right decisions to have any hope of being as successful in its second decade as it was in its first.

The American Way Lemonade stand day is coming
People in a number of American cities are going to try a small-scale program to encourage kids to think about entrepreneurship

Socialism Doesn't Work Who should have to pay for a new Vikings football stadium?
It's too bad that the allure of professional sports convinces governments and voters to spend tons of money to buy the allegiances of sports-team owners

Health "It's the only brain he has"
A mother shows more intelligence about her son's post-concussion care than any coaches seemed to want to. High school sports just aren't that important.

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