Gongol.com Archives: April 2011
Brian Gongol

April 17, 2011

Business and Finance Some people have far too much job security
The board of directors at BP -- the same BP that had a huge portion of its equity destroyed by a colossal oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico just a few months ago -- was just re-elected in full. Only one director had even a meaningful vote against his re-election -- but even then kept his job with 75% of the vote. In just one year, 30% of the stock's market value has evaporated, and the directors have overseen the company's loss of billions of dollars in expenses alone. How could they possibly have been allowed by the shareholders -- their bosses -- to keep their jobs?

Weather and Disasters The calmest, stupidest video of a passing tornado ever
(Video) Some lunatic sits calmly in his car as a tornado heads straight towards him. Seriously, America, we don't have to record everything on video.

Threats and Hazards Robo-calls attempt to scam Iowans

Science and Technology The volcano that feeds Yellowstone National Park is much bigger than previously thought

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