Gongol.com Archives: April 2011
Brian Gongol

April 22, 2011

Business and Finance "Brain drain" is a global phenomenon

Computers and the Internet Android phones track details of users' movements

Iowa Sensibility prevails; Iowa House won't impeach judges for no good reason
The Speaker of the House has stepped out to point out that he's against an impeachment campaign against the state's Supreme Court justices

Weather and Disasters Tornado-like storm rips up St. Louis airport
The winds especially left behind a terrible mess

Computers and the Internet UNI is switching to Google Apps
The good: It will allow the university to outsource a lot of the parts of its IT work that create headaches, and likely create some savings while giving students access to better tools. The bad: There are legitimate reasons to have concern about Google's approach to privacy, and a conscientious objector to Google probably can't opt-out without a whole lot of hassle.

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