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Brian Gongol

May 6, 2011

Computers and the Internet Service providing one-stop password-for-everything service may have been hacked
The service, called LastPass, says it can't account for a big spike in recent traffic to its servers, and figures it could be a worst-case scenario involving theft of its password databases. This would be a good time to re-visit instructions for saving passwords securely -- assuming you don't want to use a site like LastPass -- and to review the rules for creating a good password.

Computers and the Internet Google tweaks its search algorithm constantly
Some people are fixated on a recent update meant to weed out the junk -- and there certainly is a lot of promotional junk clogging up the Internet. What's interesting is to read some of the comments left for Google's search team by people who are frustrated by content thieves who steal their stuff and by Google's nonresponsiveness to their claims of infringement.

Weather and Disasters A great tornado video isn't worth your life
The problem with the new ubiquity of cell phones with video cameras is that people are now inclined to record movies of things they used to have the good sense to stay away from -- like tornadoes. The instinct to get on YouTube shouldn't exceed the instinct for self-preservation.

Humor and Good News The Blind Film Critic reviews "Clerks"
(Video) "Content is king"

News Brazil legalizes civil unions for gay couples

Water News A "monumental" flood on the Mississippi River

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