Gongol.com Archives: May 2011
Brian Gongol

May 12, 2011

Business and Finance Budget-crunched cities are leaning on nonprofits to pay up
Payments in lieu of taxes -- they're really just taxes by another name. But it raises a reasonable question: Why should any organization be allowed to operate as a "nonprofit" with special treatment, anyway? There certainly are a lot of good organizations operating as non-profits. But there also are a lot of individuals who use nonprofit organizations as vehicles to dominate commercial markets and put for-profit companies out of business. And they can do so while paying themselves more than generously.

Broadcasting Chicago kisses Mayor Daley's butt on his way out the door
Including television anchors, who were (knowingly or not) featured in a furniture commercial smooching his rear end goodbye

Broadcasting Stephen Fry vs. a dance-music DJ: Is classical music irrelevant to youth?

Iowa Cedar Rapids and Iowa City want a new "regional brand"
They've gone by the name "Technology Corridor" for a while

The United States of America Mike Huckabee just can't be taken seriously
The fact he has a website called "PrayForHuckabee.com at which people are asked to "pray" on his behalf to "help" him make a decision about whether to run for President -- well, it's nauseating.

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