Gongol.com Archives: May 2011
Brian Gongol

May 13, 2011

News Early warning: The European Union is doomed
Foreign ministers of the countries that make up the EU have agreed to require people crossing borders within the EU to show their passports. Passport-free travel is a pretty significant indicator of the internal integration of a place (nobody has to show a passport to cross from Oklahoma into Kansas). The plan has to be approved by the EU parliament to go into effect, but the fact they've even discussed the idea shows that an integrated Europe is doomed. That's probably unfortunate.

Computers and the Internet Facebook has been smearing Google -- on privacy matters
The business motivation is obvious -- but it sure seems ironic that Facebook would be using privacy issues as a lever against any other company or website. And it wasn't a very sophisticated or nuanced approach. They could have just funded a nonprofit to do their dirty work for them.

Business and Finance Sen. Chuck Grassley on the AT&T merger with T-Mobile
Does the merger threaten the public interest?

Computers and the Internet Google announces "Chromebooks" are coming this summer
Samsung and Acer will make the machines, and Google will make the operating system

Computers and the Internet Ad agency says Apple's brand value is $153 billion
Seems like that's a pretty wild overstatement

Humor and Good News A "fan fiction" attempt to revisit "Calvin and Hobbes"
It's hard to justify...much like a reunion tour or any movie sequel...but for one or two tries, these are reasonably good fan fiction

The United States of America Inside America's cultural media archive

Threats and Hazards Officials are worried about the nuclear plant just outside of Omaha

Humor and Good News Things that make you go, "Hmm..."
(Video) Cowboy monkeys