Gongol.com Archives: May 2011
Brian Gongol

May 20, 2011

Weather and Disasters When nobody else will save you, you have to save yourself
People living downstream along the Mississippi River have taken levee-building into their own hands, trying to protect their own homes

Business and Finance Nonprofit agency and contributor get into a fight over Twitter comments

Computers and the Internet Amazon.com says e-books are now outselling real books

News English queen visits Ireland
She gave a conciliatory speech to representatives of the formerly-occupied territory, but the fact that England still has a monarchy when countries like Ireland long ago chose to become republics is sad. Nations need a head of state -- but why should a head of state ever get the job by inheritance? Queen Elizabeth is undoubtedly doing a reasonably good job in the role, but it should have been chosen by merit.

Computers and the Internet Senators worry that a new project for wireless Internet could break GPS signals
Demand for wireless data transfer is increasing at a massive rate, but satisfying that demand could put other essential services at risk. It's hard to believe, but the wireless carriers seem to have catastrophically underestimated how much demand consumers have for bandwidth.

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