Gongol.com Archives: May 2011
Brian Gongol

May 21, 2011

Business and Finance How "full" should a full-ride athletic scholarship be?
The Big Ten is looking at adding more to its full-ride athletic scholarships, to add costs for things like incidentals.

Threats and Hazards The surveillance society quietly rolls on
Sioux City, Iowa, has a bunch of police cameras -- along with others attached to things like city buses. Just because we *can* continuously monitor things practically everywhere doesn't mean that we *should*. People who think they're being watched all the time develop an unhealthy relationship with authority.

Business and Finance Railroads pouring lots of money into new track

Iowa At least he admits to having preconceived notions
A New York Times reporter tours northern Iowa and finds it's not quite what he expected

Agriculture Really high corn prices mean that farmers are nearly planting on the gravel roads

Iowa Iowa high school girls' sports are moving to five size classes

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