Gongol.com Archives: May 2011
Brian Gongol

May 31, 2011

The United States of America The debt-ceiling collision course
The debt ceiling must be raised, period. There's no escaping the necessity. And the real problem fueling most of the debt isn't discretionary spending (though the pursestrings need to be tightened anyway) -- the real problem is that mandatory spending on entitlements keeps growing for the foreseeable future with no hope of control.

Computers and the Internet Never, ever count on anonymity online
A California court has ordered Twitter to turn over the user details of an anonymous account to a local government agency in England. This is why one should always assume that everyone can learn one's real name behind anything one posts online.

Weather and Disasters The Joplin tornado had multiple vortices
It will undoubtedly be studied at length by scientists. The first-hand account of a doctor's experience inside the hospital that was hit by the tornado is harrowing.

Humor and Good News Kindergarteners' advice to graduating seniors
(Video) A very cute project from the Waukee Community Schools

The United States of America "50 State Stereotypes in Two Minutes"

Iowa A shadow Dam-to-Dam road race for troops in Afghanistan
Dam-to-Dam is a popular run in Des Moines, so some of the Iowa troops in Afghanistan are going to have their own

Humor and Good News The Smurfs were just a bunch of Communists
Silly, but funny. Possibly not as funny as the video of a small kid racing a sea otter.

Humor and Good News Best theme park ever
Some genius has figured out that adults want to play with construction equipment, so he's built a theme park allowing us to do exactly that. Awesome. You don't need a driver's license and tickets cost $400 for a few hours.

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