Gongol.com Archives: June 2011
Brian Gongol

June 3, 2011

Business and Finance Groupon is going for an IPO
The company hopes to raise $750 million in the stock market. Don't be surprised if it's over-subscribed. Stock jockeys are cuckoo for social-media companies right now, just like they were for the dot-com companies of ten years ago. The stock market is anything but rational.

Science and Technology Dow Chemical says it'll have solar-panel shingles for sale by the end of the year
The company thinks an ordinary household could cover half its power bill using $6000 worth of shingles

Humor and Good News This kid has a future in motivational speaking
(Video) A kid who just learned to ride a bike thinks everyone else can do so, too

Humor and Good News Carnivores, keep on being awesome

Iowa Iowa Republicans form group in favor of gay marriage
The party isn't in lock-step over the issue, despite the cartoonish characterization made of the party in the popular press

Science and Technology How much is a tree worth?
The Arbor Day Foundation (which obviously has a bias in favor of trees, but that's hardly a bad thing) has an online calculator that attemtps to estimate the value of a tree planted on a residential property, including the value of the pollution and the carbon dioxide the tree captures, as well as the stormwater it prevents from running off. Interesting stuff.

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