Gongol.com Archives: July 2011
Brian Gongol

July 17, 2011

Iowa Tornado recovery, Parkersburg-style
About half of the Iowa town was wiped out in a huge tornado in 2008. A story in the Christian Science Monitor details how city recovered -- largely through force of will.

Computers and the Internet Collective memory in the Internet Age
Knowing where to find information may be just as valuable as knowing the information off-hand. The human memory is fallible, after all. But knowing where to get the right answers may be quite enough.

Aviation News We have a litter problem...in space
The tragedy of the commons reaches all the way out into Earth orbit, where the failure to clean up after satellites and other space debris has left the planet surrounded by junk that could break new satellites -- and human-carrying spaceships

The United States of America Lobbyists can't be a company's best investment
Warren Buffett makes the point in interviews from the past week, and he's right. The less complexity built into the tax system, the fewer chances that those with good political access will be able to dodge their responsibility to pay a fair share.

Iowa Substantial layoffs at Amana plant
And an Iowa City dairy is closing down after 77 years

Science and Technology Northeast Nebraska is getting a big wind farm

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