Gongol.com Archives: August 2011
Brian Gongol

August 5, 2011

The United States of America There goes America's "AAA" credit rating
Standard and Poor's has downgraded US Federal debt to "AA+", which is still very strong -- but no longer perfect

Iowa Another big Iowa wind farm is coming
The state now produces the equivalent of 20% of the electricity we consume from wind power

Computers and the Internet Google offers to host websites to give them faster page speeds
This will undoubtedly lead to antitrust concerns

Iowa Iowa regents consider 72 candidates for next ISU president
It's a big job and a highly valuable one, but a reasonable person might wonder whether it's also overpaid

Aviation News Why is there a football stadium 250 feet away from the main runway at the Akron airport?
Seems like potentially-catastrophic bad planning

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