Gongol.com Archives: September 2011
Brian Gongol

September 15, 2011

Health Michele Bachmann is "absolutely wrong" about vaccines

Science and Technology British authorities want to question BlackBerry executives
The politicians want to know whether they could have stopped the riots there by tracking what people were saying to one another using the secured BlackBerry Messenger service. Always beware politicians who want to regulate things (like technology) which they probably don't understand.

Business and Finance Facebook's IPO has been put on hold

Business and Finance Current inflation rate: About 4%
Gas prices are leading the charge

Iowa Incentives for a soup plant in Cedar Rapids
Heinz will get money, as will Alcoa in the Quad Cities

Business and Finance Central banks pump more money into the global economy

Science and Technology Industrial espionage: Not bulletproof

Science and Technology One planet, two suns

Threats and Hazards Poachers caught trying to smuggle an infant gorilla

Business and Finance Can Polk County Bank be saved by new investors?

Humor and Good News Swimming pool falls on house

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