Gongol.com Archives: October 2011
Brian Gongol

October 6, 2011

Business and Finance Author says the China bubble is going to pop soon
(Video) It's never possible to accurately forecast the precise timing of the collapse of a bubble. But it should be reasonably clear that the Chinese economy hasn't been built to sustain a long-term growth rate like it's had recently.

Business and Finance A classic case of an unsustainable rise
Apple's market capitalization has been meteoric since the launch of products outside its conventional computer business -- the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. And the stock market has rallied with enthusiasm to the Apple cause. But nothing that the company makes is more than a couple of years from being rendered obsolete by something better. Chasing the fad is going to leave some stockholders in trouble, because there's no way for the company to keep up its current growth in share price over the long term.

Computers and the Internet Crooks are conducting a phishing scam via phone
If you get a call from an automated voice saying it's "Wells Fargo" calling about a card problem, don't be fooled. It's a scam.

Iowa School district in Atlantic, Iowa, loses settlement over forcing girls into strip-search
This Big Brother nonsense has to stop

Computers and the Internet Pandora removes 40-hour free listening limit

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