Gongol.com Archives: October 2011
Brian Gongol

October 22, 2011

Business and Finance Sliding scales for capital gains?
Would a sliding scale for capital gains taxes -- very, very high for very, very short terms, down to low for the long term -- change the incentive structure that encourages boom-and-bust cycles? Perhaps.

Socialism Doesn't Work Perhaps nobody in America gets a better free ride than professional sports team owners
There's talk of giving away the Metrodome for $1 just to keep the Vikings in the Twin Cities

Computers and the Internet For all the love lavished on Apple, Microsoft is still very strong

The United States of America "Freakonomics" authors wonder if the United States is underpopulated
Anyone who's been to western Nebraska should find it laughable when people on the East Coast complain about it being too crowded there. There's still lots of room left.

Computers and the Internet Adobe says it's going to try to stop webcams from spying on people
A computer-science student just figured out that there's been a vulnerability in Adobe's Flash program that can allow crooks to hijack the webcams found on most laptop computers today -- allowing them to spy on people without their consent. It's important to always assume that any webcam you ever see -- on any device, including the cameras on today's cell phones -- could be live and streaming anywhere.

Science and Technology Evidence mounts that there is some kind of global warming -- from whatever source it may come

Computers and the Internet Danish study says mobile phones don't cause cancer

Computers and the Internet Facebook could face a European fine for holding on to data they were supposed to erase

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