Gongol.com Archives: November 2011
Brian Gongol

November 16, 2011

Business and Finance Today's employment gap
It's not that there aren't jobs and opportunities being created -- it's that there's a gap between the skills needed and the things people seem to be willing to do/learn/try

Agriculture Farmland prices are up, up, up
It's probably unsustainable. That's the worry.

Science and Technology Visions of a utopian future
Artists, architects, and visionaries have enjoyed sketching up their visions of the urban future for a century or more -- but the thing they so often get wrong is that they portray a comprehensively-planned future in which everyhing has reached a similar level of advancement. But the reality is that the only system wealthy enough to produce great advancements in culture or urban living is the free market, in which no such centralized coordination can take place. Taking exception for one or two places (like Disney World), very little can be comprehensively planned on a massive scale. And it should be pretty obvious from the New York skyline (which contains the Pan Am building, the Chrysler Building, and the new World Trade Center) that progress happens over time, in stutter steps, and that elements of that skyline can remain durable for generations. It's not like all of the old buildings get wiped out and replaced, urban-renewal-style, just to make way for the new ones.

Business and Finance 40% of all Canadian men work for the same company as their father at some point
One wonders whether there's a similar coincidence of employment in the United States, too

Science and Technology A montage of sky-views over the course of a year
(Video) A fascinating video experiment

Computers and the Internet Android's market share is galloping forward

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