Gongol.com Archives: January 2012
Brian Gongol

January 2, 2012

Business and Finance An economic scorecard for the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates
Everyone makes their own choices about how to pick a candidate. This is a chart for those interested mainly in economic issues.

Iowa Republican caucus locations for Dallas County, Iowa
Caucus locations often differ from the general election voting sites. Many polling locations don't have enough room to accommodate the people who will show up for the caucuses, which are a lot like town hall meetings.

Socialism Doesn't Work The Koreas are at a "turning point", says South Korea's president
Ideally, a way could be found to incentivize the ruling class in North Korea to initiate a peaceful reintegration process with the South. The longer the North stays Marxist/Communist, the greater the prosperity gap between the two countries. And at some point, the North's system will collapse. The sooner the North can be reformed -- deliberately, and in concert with the South -- the better-off the world will be. The signs are already there that China may slip away from Communist control soon, too. The pending burst of China's housing market bubble could hasten that change meaningfully.

Science and Technology 100 years ago, freak snowstorms still caught people in covered wagons
We should never be too quick to forget how dramatically technology influences (and improves) our lives. And technology is driven faster and more broadly by free-market economic incentives than by any other cause known to humankind.

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