Gongol.com Archives: January 2012
Brian Gongol

January 9, 2012

Business and Finance Google's bold move to buy Motorola has a downside
Motorola's weak performance hit Google's stock price pretty hard today. Google's trying to fashion a modern-day conglomerate, but it's making some odd choices along the way.

Threats and Hazards Repugnant KKK flyers are being distributed in Cedar Rapids

Science and Technology Political attitudes may be rooted (partially) in how people think
Literally, that is -- how their brains process information. Some research hints that whether one is inclined to follow the cues of others may be a left/right thing.

Broadcasting De-commoditizing the nightly news
Network television is figuring out that they have to deliver differentiable products in order for anyone to prefer one newscast over another

News A nation-sized game of chicken
Britain's prime minister has laid down a gauntlet, telling the head of Scotland's government that they need to bring up a referendum on leaving the UK within 18 months or shut up until the next Parliament

Business and Finance Now the banks are borrowing from their former debtors
European credit markets have turned so sour that banks are getting big companies to essentially lend them cash to stay open

Humor and Good News "Larry, you can barely say it now"
Facebook allows teacher to get her revenge on an idiot former student

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