Gongol.com Archives: January 2012
Brian Gongol

January 13, 2012

Business and Finance We live in a very strange world: Mortgage interest rates are below 4%

Computers and the Internet Forget the $100 laptop, an even cheaper tablet is here
An Indian company is making a tablet now for $50

Business and Finance Insurer Aon says it's dumping Chicago for London
Exactly how many of their Chicago-based employees do they expect to take with them to the UK? Technically, in the short run, the company says it's only moving about 20 people, and that it will expand its operations in the US, starting with Chicago. But plenty of promises can be made in the short term that don't pan out in the long run, especially once people have stopped paying attention. Illinois has a terrible tax situation for companies, and this may be a symptom of that disease. But pulling up stakes on Chicago and going to London instead? That's a pretty dramatic move.

Humor and Good News Someone in a Mickey Mouse costume knows how to dance

Humor and Good News When Warren Buffett visits the doctor, does he tell them he's "self-employed"?
The question, of course, is really just rhetorical and a little tongue-in-cheek, but it is funny how the "self-employed" are treated differently from those who are employed by others. Sometimes it's hard to see how the distinction is relevant, as at the doctor's office.

Iowa Polk County proposes a big plan to fix the courthouse problem
The question isn't whether something should be done -- it must. The real question is whether any alternatives would be better