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Brian Gongol

January 17, 2012

Business and Finance China's economy is still growing quickly, but the rate of growth is slowing

Computers and the Internet How President Obama's re-election campaign is using data mining to plan their campaign
It's amazing to see the same people who would otherwise say that government can't be trusted turning over all kinds of information about themselves, voluntarily, to a political campaign. Of course, there's loads of data to be gathered from non-political databases, too. In a sense, it's highly democratic. In another, it's terribly creepy.

Computers and the Internet Facebook knows your political sentiments -- and now so does Politico

Business and Finance Ralcorp is spinning-off Post Cereals
They bought Post in August 2008, so somebody at Ralcorp has made a huge blunder -- either in paying too much when they bought, or spinning off too soon. But there's no way to categorize a quick purchase-and-resale such as this as a success.

Humor and Good News The television show for a generation that's never been told "No"
(Video) SNL may have just reversed years of damage to society (caused by sketches featuring the likes of Chris Farley and David Spade) in one fell swoop

Computers and the Internet An attempt to revive Atari
Strange that any of us should become nostalgic over a technology company. Yesterday's tech was slow and unimpressive by today's standards -- it's not like rediscovering a family recipe.

Science and Technology So...it turns out they really are making new real estate, after all

Humor and Good News Thoughts from the guy who wrote most of Elton John's lyrics

Health The neurology "time bomb"

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