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Brian Gongol

February 27, 2012

Science and Technology Engineering can be beautiful
In fact, it routinely should be

Socialism Doesn't Work Is it possible for Communists not to sound ridiculous?
Undoubtedly something is being lost in the translation of China's language on the one-family, one-child policy -- but the absurdity of what they say and have said is even more extreme than fiction would permit.

Broadcasting Well worth watching: "Spaced"
A really short-lived television series (14 episodes in all) packed with a combination of studied references to film and clever original dialogue. Quite charming. But watch it from the beginning; the episodes build upon one another and wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without the progressive narrative. Barely more than a dozen episodes, and it still inspired an elaborate fan site that's still being updated more than a decade after the show aired. Besides, it's absolutely essential that one see how a television show manages to turn the "A-Team" theme song into a dance club gag. (It may, quite seriously, be one of the funniest things ever done on television.)

Broadcasting WHO Radio Wise Guys - February 25, 2012
Listen on-demand to segments one, two, three, and four

Broadcasting Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - February 26, 2012
Listen on-demand to segments one, two, three, and four

News Cruise ship loses power and goes adrift between Madagascar and Somalia
Costa -- the same line whose Concordia went aground a few weeks ago -- owns this troubled ship, too

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