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Brian Gongol

April 5, 2012

Iowa Hidden Valley wants people to use ranch dressing like it's ketchup
Apparently, they haven't been to Iowa, where people are probably more likely to use ranch dressing than ketchup, anyway. It's practically the state's official food.

Humor and Good News What was Hillary Clinton texting from her BlackBerry?
The Tumblr account with spoof answers is pretty funny -- but it's hard to escape the observation that she could very easily be gearing up for a run for the White House again in 2016. The time she's spent as Secretary of State seems to have been a grade-A performance, and it's quite possible that Democrats will end up looking at the Obama Presidency with a sense of voter's remorse...realizing that Clinton was the better choice in 2008.

Science and Technology Google's "skunk works" lab is working on a next generation in eyeglasses

Health Whooping cough is back

Threats and Hazards Supreme Court says police have a lot of power to order strip searches

Computers and the Internet Smartphone security is the next big challenge for IT

Broadcasting Brian Gongol's show notes from filling in on the afternoon show on WHO Radio - April 4, 2012

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